Entry #2

Syndication EP.1

2009-08-06 16:51:02 by j0bzx

Daniel "f00d" Weisman, a member of the Star Syndicate (which has been on hiatus with flash for about a year), just started a weekly collaboration which will be known as Syndication. The collaborative series will be released every week with new submissions from hopefully various artists who can showcase not only flash submissions, but also film, traditional animation and other mediums. Click here for more information about it.


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2009-09-12 06:14:34



2009-09-12 19:14:31

there's this movie you made asses ago that got deleted that had 4 movies in it, the menu had dont stop me now by queen, one part had rupeeclock + a rugrats song in it and there was this one part that was like 30 seconds long and had a song in it that sounded like "Vehicle" by the ides of march. i am a faggot for remembering all that but i need 2 see tht movie again ,,,,

j0bzx responds:

mmmmmmmmmmmmm i remember that vaguely from like 2006, but i can't recall where it would be rite now... mmmmm


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