Entry #1

Comic Con

2009-07-20 03:55:57 by j0bzx

Hey Newgrounds (lmao),
I don't really go on here anymore, but I'll be at Comic Con this coming weekend in San Diego, so that is probably something I should post on here ! Also, I'm working on a cartoon right now with my friend HLG (Armon Pakdel) which features an animated video to a song by his band Farther Snake. So that will get done hopefully by the end of the summer. So besides that, you can look at my DeviantART account, which has some of my newer, better work than the cartoons on here.


Often Flash CS3 will be rewarding enough to give you this happy message:

Comic Con


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2009-07-20 04:00:30

ur stuff looks pretty swanky =), i'm planning on doing a collab comic to be placed on the web =) would you be intrested in somthing like that?